People of Marrakech #02 [en]

A clean cut at midnight

On my last evening in Marrakech, I came by this barber. Although it was already midnight, he still was busy with some paper work. The street in the Medina was still crowded and some old men were sitting in front of his shop.

A barber shop is always a good place to be. While it was already dark outside, inside, a bright light was shining and the tiles were more artfully worked around the sink than I have seen this before.

If I can take some pictures, I asked. “No problem”, he said.

After a while, one of old men came by to get a cut. Again, I asked for taking pictures. “No problem”, he said.

His movements are precise and his whole body acts as he was an artist. Every single move has its purpose. There is no movement left that could be avoided. His attention never falls off for a second. Even if it slightly shifts towards the shy conversation. The two men don’t need many words to assure themselves of their commitment.

After they were finished, I wondered how I could say ‘thank you’ to them. So I offered to pay for his client instead. “No problem”, he said. “It’s my friend”, and he explained, that he does not charge anything from him. You do not ask money from a friend. And you do not ask money from a guest that came by at midnight and leaves Marrakech the next morning.

Salam aleikum and thank you, my friend! I’ll be back soon.

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